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Cisco Webex for Education

Cisco Webex for Education Plans & Pricing

Cisco Webex for Education is the ultimate solution that will make a significant impact in the field of education. This innovative platform is designed to provide students and educators with the most robust and dynamic tools that will enhance the learning experience. You can trust Webex for Education with its unparalleled security that ensures safety and privacy for all users. The platform’s intuitive interface and flexible features can be tailored to meet the unique needs of every educator and student. With Webex for Education, you get access to various features like virtual classrooms, collaboration tools, online lectures, and interactive whiteboards; all in one place. Whether you are a student looking to learn in the most immersive way or a teacher seeking the best way to engage your students, Webex for Education has got you covered. Get set for the future of education with Webex for Education!

Cisco Webex for Education

Exceptional education experiences with Cisco Webex for Education Plan

Cisco Webex Education Plan starting as low as INR: 14,999/year. Minimum Billing –  5 Host Licenses

Enable learning regardless of where students are

Save faculty time driving across campus for office hours or training

Engage students in a connected student community

Protect classes and student data with Cisco Webex for Education Plan

Webtouch helps you keep remote learning secure and student data private in accordance with FERPA and COPPA, as well as your own privacy and security policies.

Cisco Webex Meetings Plans for Education

Hybrid and
distance learning.

How to Save Cisco Webex Llc Cloud Recordings

Keep classes and student information safe.

One of the most important responsibilities of any educational institution is ensuring the safety and security of its students and their personal information. With the ever-increasing prevalence of technology and the digital age, it is more crucial than ever for schools and universities to implement effective measures to safeguard their classes and data.

Student uses gesture recognition feature in Webex Meetings

Recently, we've observed a highly interesting trend among students, who are increasingly utilizing a new feature available in Webex Meetings - gesture recognition. This exciting technological innovation enables students to interact with one another and their instructors in new and meaningful ways.

Cisco Webex Contact Center

Keep classes and information about students safe.

As we strive to provide the best educational experience possible, one of our top priorities is ensuring the safety and security of our students and their personal information. In line with this commitment, we have implemented rigorous measures to safeguard our classes and ensure that all data related to our students is kept strictly confidential.

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