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The Cisco Inc, Tech Gaint is also launching a new Webex AI assistant to bolster productivity and accuracy for Webex Customers
New Cisco Webex AI assistant

New Cisco Webex AI assistant

The Global technology giant Cisco Webex is integrating AI tools into Webex to improve performance, communication and collaboration. With the introduction of the tools, Webex will use AI in real-time to ensure crystal-clear audio and video calls and meetings despite low bandwidth. The use of AI offerings was earlier focused on only text or documents in Webex.

In addition, Cisco is also launching a new Webex AI Assistant with new capabilities for

Cisco Webinar interactive Platform bolstering productivity and accuracy for customers. The new AI tools and Webex AI Assistant will be applied across the full Cisco portfolio — The Webex Suite, Cisco Collaboration devices, Webex Contact Center, Webex Connect and Webex Control Hub. Customers like McLaren Racing and Team DSM are testing Cisco’s new AI capabilities.

The newly launched Webex AI Assistant is designed to help minimize work and costs for IT. It will prompt users with questions like “ask me about the meeting,” that users can respond to with typing sentences, such as “catch me up on the 15 minutes I missed in the meeting” or “catch me up on all the meetings I missed on Friday while I was on PTO,” to generate answers in real-time. Webex AI Assistant is already natively integrated into Cisco Collaboration devices and will span the Webex portfolio.

These new capabilities are in various stages of availability, with shipping planned to begin before the end of 2023.


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